McCord Museum

Art Direction for television + digital advertising campaign

History of Quebec Music Exposition

Year by year, month by month, the plight of our fragmentary and precarious civilization becomes more serious. Fascism abroad grows more bold and ruthless in its foreign ventures, more tyrannical toward its own citizens, more barbarian in its contempt for the life of the mind. Even in our own country we have reason to fear a tendency toward militarization and the curtailment of civil liberty.

Client: McCord Museum
Agency: Kbs+
Executive Creative Director: Sacha Ouimet
Creative Director: Benoît Mendreshora
Copywriter: Benoît Mendreshora, Alexandre Gravel
Art Director: Catherine Plouffe, Jacynthe Hens
Account Services: Annick Fortin
Strategy: Sean Saraq
Visual Production: Buck Créatifs
Music: Studios Apollo